Faded out, I start to doubt
If I can keep my head.
After all, I can’t recall
The ‘hell that I just said..

Passing out, it’s mouth-to-mouth,
Maybe I should stay?
I can tell I do it well,
Hey, but it’s a shame..

If it was working after all,
It kinda seems familiar.
I think I’m gonna lose my mind!

And if you’re going somewhere fast,
Just ride it out and make it,
Last one to fall will win the prize.

Faded, all because I’m
Faded, all because I’m
Faded, all because I’m high.

Faded out and breathing in,
I can barely stand.
Game is set, so deal me in
And I can play my hand.

Fortunate, “I might forget”,
What a thing to say!
Stick around, or, better yet —
Leave so I can stay!

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